Capitals’ Brendan Leipsic Had His Instagram DMs Leaked On The Internet And They Include Screenshots Of Him Mocking Former Teammate Tanner Pearson’s Wife

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Capitals’ Brendan Leipsic is going to have a rough year whenever hockey comes back from hiatus.

UPDATE: The Washington Capitals Are Terminating Brendan Leipsic’s Contract

On Wednesday afternoon, Leipsic’s Instagram DMs were leaked on the Internet and some of the DMs featured Leipsic mocking former and current teammates.

Here’s Leipsic calling some of his current lineman “fucking losers.”

In another DM, Leipsic mocks former teammate Tanner Pearson’s wife by calling her “fat.”

Some of the other DMs are NSFW sexual in nature and you can see the entire thread here.

The Capitals released a statement saying they were looking into the DMs and Leipsic went on to delete his Instagram account.

Update: Leipsic has apologized after saying one his friends got his account hacked which led to the screenshots of “private conversations” making their way onto the Internet

The NHL has also released a statement.

Twitter is expecting Tanner Pearson to lay in Leipsic whenever they play again.