NFL Fans Roast Washington Football Team Over New Partnership Because Of FedEx Field Injury Curse

Getty Image / iStockphoto

  • The Washington Football Team announced a new partnership with Lay’s Chips earlier this week.
  • It involved potatoes grown from FedEx Field, which prompted reminders of how cursed the stadium has been over the last decade.
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FedEx Field is notorious for being one of the worst stadiums and playing surfaces in football, if not all of sports. Thus, when the Washington Football Team announced a new field-inspired promotion earlier this week, it was open season for football fans.

On Tuesday, the WFT shared that it partnered with Lay’s Chips to grow potatoes in fields mixed with the grounds from FedEx Field. The potatoes, obviously, were later turned into chips.

Although it is unclear how exactly FedEx Field’s grounds were used to grow the potatoes, the chips are now cursed.

Just like the field.

A graphic has recently gone viral that shows the horrible things that have happened at FedEx field over the course of the last decade.

The series of unfortunate events and serious injuries at FedEx Field began just over 10 years ago. Here is a timeline:

In addition to the injuries and near-injuries, a pipe burst earlier this year and caused sewage to spill on fans. And, to top things off, scissors were found on the field during the game in December.

Needless to say, FedEx Field is cursed.

Thus, when the team posted its partnership with Lay’s, football fans reacted accordingly.

Perhaps these chips don’t need to make it to market. We don’t need anymore torn ACLs.