Washington Football Team Copies Cowboys’ Mind Game Tactics, Brings Its Own Benches To NFC East Rivalry

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  • One week after having it done to them, the Washington Football Team is trying to play mind games in Philadelphia.
  • The WFT will play at Lincoln Financial Field on Tuesday night but its benches will be awfully famililar.
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The Washington Football Team is trying to play mind games by copying the Cowboys. One week after Dallas flew its own benches to Washington, Washington flew its own benches to Philadelphia.

The Football Team will play the Eagles on Tuesday night after the game was postponed due to COVID-19 issues. It will be well into the low 30s in terms of temperature come kickoff and Washington is trying to gain an advantage.

To combat the chilly weather, the Football Team brought its own heated benches to the Philadelphia sideline. They are covered in the team’s logo and look out of place amongst the Eagles green.

The unique sideline tactic is perfectly legal.

A visiting team controls its own sideline, per NFL rules, so neither the Eagles nor Lincoln Financial Field can do anything about it. Washington can use whatever benches it wants on its sideline.

Tuesday’s bench tactic will mark the second time in history that this happened. The first occurrence took place just last week.

The Cowboys spent the entire week leading up to its game against Washington talking a big game. They turned things up a notch by flying their own benches from Texas to Maryland to try and claim Fedex Field as their own. Dallas won the game by seven.

Washington is claiming that the benches are because of the cold. However, it reportedly plans to use its own benches for the rest of the season.

That includes games in Dallas and New York. If it is truly a strategic move to avoid the cold, and not a mind game, both games would be played outside in cold weather.

However, the Cowboys play in a heated dome. So…………

Clearly the WFT took note of the winning ways when Dallas used its benches in its home stadium and is trying the copy-cat method.

Will it work? Only time will tell, but all three games are winnable, and need to be won to have any shot at the playoffs.