Owner Dan Snyder Reportedly Has 2 Names In Mind For The Washington Football Team

washington football team new names

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The 2020 NFL regular season is nearly over and one team in the league literally doesn’t have an official name. The Washington Football Team has run with its makeshift name all year and now it’s starting to feel like it should be their new official team name. The ‘W’ logo is fine and the simple helmets are a good look as well.

According to TMZ, team owner Daniel Snyder may go ahead and stick with the Washington Football Team name moving forward for the franchise, but there is another name in the running as well: the Washington Football Club.

There isn’t a massive difference in the two names, obviously, but Washington Football Club certainly has a more European feel to it as the franchise would be taking a page out of the soccer world and the Premier League. Washington Football Team is unique on its own, but adopting the Football Club tag would make it even that much more unique.

You would think that if the team did change its name to the Washington Football Club, it would immediately get tied in with games in London and have some sort of crossover with the Premier League. According to the report from TMZ, some folks in the organization “like the tip of the hat to the Premier League.”

Neither Washington Football Team nor Washington Football Club seems to be set in stone at the moment, but after a full year as the Football Team, it’s hard to see the franchise doing a massive overhaul with an off the wall name change as most NFL fans seem to enjoy the simplicity of the WFT.