Ump Show Unfolds As Little League Team Gets Screwed Out Of World Series On Bad Controversial Call


Thursday’s Little League Northwest Regional Final between Oregon and Washington ended in controversy. As a result, the former was screwed out of a World Series birth.

Now, Oregon may not have won the game in the end, but it didn’t even get a chance after a blown call.

Little league games are six innings, but they go to extras if the game remains tied through six, obviously. That was the case on Thursday as the game went to the seventh at 2-2.

With a runner on first base and one out, a Washington player knocked a ball down the left field line. The third base umpire very clearly signaled that the ball was foul and threw both hands into the air to do so. It was a definitive signal that it was a foul ball.

However, the Washington baserunner received the green light from his third base coach and continued to run from third to home. He crossed the plate and scored what would represent the winning run.

But didn’t the umpire declare the ball foul?!

The umpire crew finally stopped play after the run scored and went to review the replay. Even though the replay shows that the umpire called the ball foul — and not subtly, by any means — the crew declared the ball was fair and the run counted.

As a result, Oregon was eliminated from the Regional and Washington won the game in walk-off fashion and earned a bid to the World Series in Williamsport. Even though the ball was called foul and the play should have been ruled dead with the Washington batter getting back into the box with a 1-1 count.

Oregon was demoralized and understandably so. An ump show robbed them from a chance at reaching the mountain top of Little League. What a shame.

To make matters worse, Oregon was up 2-0 in the game before Washington tied the game on a solo home run in the bottom of the sixth inning. It was demoralizing all around and never should have gone down the way that it did.

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