Washington Redskins Fan Struggles To Put Paper Bag On Head, Is Sad


The Washington Redskins have been a total embarrassment this season. Hell, even the Oakland Raiders seem to have their act together when compared with the train wreck in our nation’s capital.

Those with absolutely nothing better to do attended yesterday’s game against the St. Louis Rams and were treated to a 24-0 debacle.

One gentleman was nice enough to artfully sum up the Redskins fan experience with the help of a prop.

I’d tell him to hang in there, and that things will get better, but we all know that’s a lie. It’s going to get even darker before the dawn of anything even resembling relevancy in D.C.

At least ‘Skins fans will always have Subway RGIII to think about in times of need. That pile of meat can cheer anyone up.


[H/T: Sports Grid]


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