Let’s Watch This Habs Fan Puke All Over Himself

Last Wednesday, the Montreal Candiens took on the Ottawa Senators at the Bell Center. It wasn’t only the home team that took the “L” on that night, but also this queasy Habs fan.

Luckily the fans in his area saw the barfer’s eruption coming and quickly evacuated the immediate danger zone. Turns out this gentleman didn’t have the projectile vomit like in the The Exorcist, which would have sprayed the row in front of him like a flopping Killer Whale show at SeaWorld. His hurl was like a gurgling sulfur spring that slowly comes to the surface.

Did you know that the French translation of “puke” is “dégueulis.” Look how much better the French words seems than our vile equivalent, “Mike got dégueulis on the walls of my living room.” That actually sounds rather elegant, like it’s some sort of fine drapery made of silk.

If things couldn’t get any worse for this poor chap, he puked up the equivalent of liquid gold. Out of all of the 30 NHL teams, the Montreal Canadiens have the most expensive beer, a pricey $0.75 per ounce of beer. And this wasteful jerkoff still had half a beer left! He could have puked in the privacy of his home with a bathroom only feet away for like 1/10th of the price and 100% less of the public humiliation.