The Disturbing Way Joel Embiid Likes His Steak To Be Cooked Has Fans Very Upset

The Way Joel Embiid Likes His Steak To Be Cooked Has Fans Very Upset

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  • 76ers star Joel Embiid recently revealed how he likes his steak to be cooked.
  • His disturbing preference has many NBA fans struggling to understand why.
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If you thought Patrick Mahomes’ odd habit of putting ketchup on everything, including steak, was troubling, just wait until you hear how Joel Embiid likes his steak to be prepared.

The popular and very likable Philadelphia 76ers star big man was recently profiled by The Athletic and it was actually his Sixers teammate Tobias Harris who spilled the tea about Embiid’s blasphemous steak preference.

Norm Roberts, Joel Embiid’s college coach got the ball rolling in the discussion of Embiid’s eating habits.

“An awful eater. Awful,” he said.

“We had a lady who would greet us by the bus every time we went on a road trip, and she’d always give brownies to the seniors or whoever played best,” Niko Roberts, a college teammate of Embiid added. “And then the seniors would distribute if they felt like sharing. And JoJo was known for stealing brownies. He’d just be in the back of the bus, stuffing his face, trying to hide as much as he can.”

76ers forward Justin Anderson then chimed in, “Everything had to be extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra well done. My man used to love his wings well done. When we’d get on the team plane, he’d try to have the flight attendants put them in this airplane oven, which doesn’t cook, it just warms it up. We’d be on like a five-hour flight and his wings would be in the oven the whole time.”

Sixers guard Tyrese Maxey had another story about Embiid’s peculiar culinary taste.

“Earlier in the year, my chef made some chicken wings for me to get on the plane with,” said Maxey. “I sit right in front of him and Jo’s like, ‘Tyrese, you selfish.” And I’m like, ‘How am I selfish?’ He’s like, ‘You didn’t bring no wings for me.’ So now every time I get on the plane, I always give him extra wings, something like, I don’t know, 25 or 30. And he always asks for them to be burnt.”

Joel Embiid prefers his steak to be extra, extra crispy

As if that isn’t bad enough (and it is), another 76ers teammate of Embiid, Tobias Harris, made it even worse.

“He likes his steak burnt, which is like super disrespectful,” said Harris. “We were at a very well-known steakhouse. He asks for the steak to be burnt, burnt. And the chef came out and was like he’s not burning the steak, that’s like against his chef code … (Joel) was disappointed and he was like, ‘I don’t want to eat here anymore.'”

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Fans, upon hearing this troubling news about how Joel Embiid likes his steak to be prepared, were left aghast.

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