Weather Woman Responds To Death Threats She Received For Interrupting Masters Coverage With Tornado Warning

Golf fans had been waiting over a decade for what happened Sunday, as Tiger Woods claimed his first Masters victory since 2005 and his first major victory since 2008. Even casual sports fans who think a couldn’t tell you what a 9-iron is were at the edge of their la-Z-boys, glued to their televisions, with full knowledge that they were witnessing one of the greatest comeback stories in the history of sports.

Annnnnnnd in comes Ella Dorsey.

The Georgia meteorologist for CBS46 claims she received death threats for interrupting the last hour of coverage of The Masters to issue a tornado warning.

If you think sending death threats to a woman trying to warn the public of a possible death twister spinning through, it becomes more ridiculous when you consider that the network didn’t cut to the weather coverage, but incorporated a split-screen.

It has become evident that people were willing to die for Tiger.

Dorsey addressed the threats she and the CBS News team received during the 11 p.m. broadcast Sunday night.

All’s well that ends well I guess.

P.S. Hi, I’m Matt.

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