Here’s The 2015 Week 3 NFL Thursday Night & Survivor Pick

I was told by my bosses to write a solid lead-in to the picks. Then I saw that the Raiders decided to tell the NFL League Office “eff you” by not making the 50-yard line signs. That made me feel great and powerful. I was ready to fight back myself, but then I saw the Raiders rolled over and are apparently going to do what the League Office wanted starting with their next game. Maybe the Raiders are doing this because they need the NFL’s blessing to move to Los Angeles and get financing for a new stadium. Maybe now J. Camm will move me to L.A. and buy me an apartment if I play nice. Or maybe he won’t. But you don’t know unless you try. Here’s what we like to start Week 3.

Survivor Pick of the Week:

SEATTLE over Chicago
According to Yahoo, last week’s #1-6 choices for survivor were: New Orleans, Baltimore, Miami, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, and St. Louis. If you, like me had one of those teams as your survivor choices, you’re now sitting on the sidelines. (Unless of course you’re in a two strike pool and then we’ll question what kinda balls you have for being able to have a second chance.) Don’t blame yourself if you lost. Jacksonville, Oakland, and Tampa Bay all won in the same week. I’m too lazy to do the math on what the odds were of that happening, but know that the odds were better of me giving up bread. (And I love bread.) Life goes on. If you took Pittsburgh, Arizona, or another winner…nice work by you.

SO now we’re here in Week 3 and we’re looking around for a taker. Seattle is 0-2 and playing in their friendly home stadium this weekend. They either get a turnover prone and somewhat injured Jay Cutler or an incompetent Jimmy Clausen. You can’t lose either way with who starts. If you need more analysis than that then you clearly don’t watch any football.

If you don’t want to take that easy way out and didn’t use the Patriots in Week 1 then you have them as an option. They should take care of Jacksonville with reasonable ease. I’m loving what Arizona is about right now as long as Carson Palmer stays healthy. They should dispatch of San Francisco and their awful pass defense. The Packers aren’t a terrible play, but the Chiefs are the best opponent we’ve discuss so far. Maybe Green Bay is riding a little too high after beating Seattle.

Thursday Night Pick:

N.Y. GIANTS -3 over Washington
The Giants found a new way to lose last week. Once again they led by ten points in the second half and once again they lose by the time the clock hit 60 minutes. Their coach is old and might not be able to tell time anymore, but it might be worth checking with the guys in the locker room to know that it isn’t over until it’s over. (R.I.P. Yogi) Now Washington comes into this game thinking they have a chance to win this division. Dallas is in trouble since Tony Romo is out for 8 weeks and Dez Bryant could be out longer than that. Philadelphia can’t get out of their own way as their offense looks like a complete dumpster fire. The Redskins can smell blood in the water knowing a win puts them in first place in the NFC East for the time being.

The problem is they’re still the Redskins and the Giants are still the Giants. (Stay with me here.) I can’t explain the Giants’ mentality other than to tell you they generally play better when they’re backs are against the wall. They should be 2-0, but find themselves at 0-2 and that means this is a kitchen sink game for them. They realize they’re screwed at 0-3 with three division losses. The season’s on the line and they do have some things working in their favor.
Washington ran the ball down St. Louis’ throat last week, but the Giants are third in the league in rushing yards per game allowed through two games. They’ve only allowed three yards per carry as well, so it’s not like game flow is forcing that number to be low. The Giants’ defense will probably make Washington’s passing game look more prolific than it is, but thankfully they don’t have big play weapons with Desean Jackson sidelined. On the flip side, Washington has struggled against the run through two games. Despite their yards allowed per game, Washington is giving up 4.5 yards per rush. That should allow the Giants to establish the running game and work to Odell Beckham Jr. as well. It won’t be a blowout, but the Giants should grab the victory as the Redskins feel slightly too confident about themselves.

JCamm’s Pick: Giants

Last Week: 7-9
Season: 15-16-1
Locks: 5-1
Survivor: 1-1

JCamm: 11-20-1 – [HOLY SHIT, I SUCK. It’s embarrassing.  If my record gets any worse it’ll be like JPP’s index finger: TOTALLY UNSALVAGEABLE. Anyway…chin up, JC. At least you still have all your fingers.]