We’re Back At It For The Week 7 Thursday Night Game, Plus Our Survivor Pick

In preparation for tonight’s Jets game, we’re all Rex Ryan today. We’re on top of his 10 craziest moments. He’s on our list of coaches past their prime. He even was on camera at a hockey game recently. Oh no, wait. My bad, that’s some just regular fat guy. I guess I’m really just ready for another fun filled football weekend.

Survivor Pick of the Week:

BALTIMORE over Atlanta

Survivor entries came crashing down last week (my own included), with two games that didn’t go according to plan. Seattle looked very vulnerable as a big home favorite against Dallas. The Cowboys deserved the victory after besting the Seahawks in all facets of the game. The allure of Seattle as an unstoppable force in home games no longer exists. Secondarily, Cincinnati should’ve beaten Carolina had their kicker Mike Nugent made a very routine field goal as time expired, but that was not the case. Ties unfortunately count just as poorly as losses for survivor pools, so those picking the Bengals got sent packing as well.

People are still looking for guidance, however, so we’re pushing Baltimore to the forefront this week. The Ravens historically play better as a home team, going 41-10 in Joe Flacco’s tenure as Baltimore’s quarterback. Atlanta is 1-10 on the road dating back to last year, and they have major issues on the offensive line and on defense. This should be easy pickings for the Ravens as they try to take advantage of a suddenly wide-open division.

Elsewhere you could take New England tonight against the Jets, but the weather and divisional opponent has me staying away. I do fully expect New England to win, though. Green Bay would be a really nice play at home against Carolina if Kelvin Benjamin isn’t cleared from his concussion issue. Seattle probably won’t lose two in a row and we know St. Louis isn’t cause too many troubles against their opponents.

Teams already used: Philadelphia, Green Bay, New England, San Diego, New Orleans, Seattle

Thursday Night Pick:

N.Y. Jets +10 over NEW ENGLAND

There doesn’t seem to be any reason to take the Jets tonight. The Patriots are firing on all cylinders after we all left them for dead. Tom Brady suddenly looks like his own self, orchestrating the offense, and the injury to Steven Ridley shouldn’t hurt the Patriots’ running game too badly. Dee Milner’s injury makes the Jets’ secondary even worse, so Brady should continue to rock ahead. The Jets have lost five in a row after their Week One win and have struggled dramatically on offense in the last three weeks. What’s not to like?

Well there are a few things. The weather for one will make the game sloppy. It’s possible the rain will interrupt Brady’s timing with his receivers. Secondly the Jets’ defense has sacked opposing quarterbacks the second most of any other defense in football. The best way to beat Tom Brady is with a strong pass rush, so the Jets have that covered. Geno Smith actually looked like a professional quarterback last week despite not having a professional core. There’s a large question as to whether or not that’ll continue with Eric Decker on Revis Island and few other options to pass to.

I’m really torn on this one. Push comes to shove, I’m siding with the weather, the division, and a certain air of complacency expected from New England after their last two wins.

Kyle’s pick: Kyle’s not here, man. So David Covucci picking. I’m planning on watching the Caps game against the New Jersey Devils. Braden Holtby is getting the start after giving up three goals in the first period against the San Jose Sharks in his last outing. His ability to bounce back from bad games is going to be essential to the Caps’ chances in the regular season. I’m confident he will. New England: 34, New York: 3

Last Week: 8-6-1
Season: 50-40-1
Survivor: 5-1
Locks: 10-9-1
Kyle: 47-43-1

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