Bizarre Fan At Ohio State-Michigan Game Has Both Fan Bases Uniting In Anger And Confusion

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Ohio State and Michigan are squaring off in the biggest game of the 2022 college football regular season on Saturday. It’s the 118th edition of “The Game” and will likely decide the Big Ten champion and who goes to the College Football Playoff.

Neither team entered the game particularly healthy, but it was the Buckeyes who seemed to adjust to the injuries first. Ohio State jumped out to a 10-3 lead. But the Wolverines then settled in. A pair of huge touchdown passes from JJ McCarthy to Cornelius Johnson put Michigan ahead 17-13 late in the first half. Ohio State QB CJ Stroud then answered back with a TD strike to Marvin Harrison Jr. to put the Buckeyes back on top 20-17.

Though it was one person whole stole the show in The Horseshow. It wasn’t a player. It wasn’t a coach. But rather one very, very peculiar fan.

A Fan Wearing Both Michigan And Ohio State Gear Has College Football Fans Shook

Ohio State and Michigan is one of the most fierce rivalries in all of college sports. Some call it the best rivalry in all of college sports. Others feel it’s the best rivalry in all of American sports, period.

But one thing is certain, there’s plenty of hatred between the two fanbases. Unless, of course, you’re this guy.

Somehow, in one of the country’s most bitter rivalries, this fan at Ohio Stadium has opted to root for both teams. And he’s getting absolutely ripped to shreds offer the major violation.

Most fan rules are bad and dumb. Outside of hopping on a bandwagon, there aren’t any bad reasons to root for a team. But you just cannot in all good faith root for both sides of a bitter rivalry. Send this man directly to sports prison. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.