What ‘The Avengers’ Can Teach You About Building A Badass Physique

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A few weeks back I went to see ‘The Avengers : Age Of Ultron’. The latest offering in the marvel cinematic universe to satiate the hunger of comic nerds worldwide. While the movie was a let down, made a only a bit more bearable by the character of Ultron, who, by the way, totally stole the show with some of the most badass dialogue you’ll hear, I couldn’t help but see the link between this superhero team and physique based programme design.

Yeah, I hear you – ‘it’s just a film. What can it teach me about building a badass physique?’

Just like this disparate collection of superheroes, with their own set of unique powers and abilities come together during earth’s dire times of need to form ‘earth’s mightiest superhero team’, you’ll find a similar principle at the heart of every good muscle gaining programme.

While you’ll hear people arguing over the perfect rep range, or perfect exercise, or that one style of training is better than the other, the truth is that, just like the avengers, everything has it’s own benefits, but combining them intelligently into a programme, and making use of them in the right amount and time will lead to an even more balanced, good looking physique.

And on that note, enter The Avengers...

Captain America –Periodization

In ‘The Avengers’, Captain America leads the team, calling the shots and making sure everyone is doing their part for the success of the overall mission. Utilising the right Avenger for the right job. This is exactly how you should be approaching setting up the ‘big picture’ of your programming, a la Periodization .

Periodization is simply breaking your program down into weekly or monthly ‘blocks’ where you focus on different aspects of training such as a few weeks focussing on higher rep muscle gaining (hypertrophy) style work, some periods where you focus more on lower rep, heavier weight, strength work.

Take Home

You can periodize either in weekly or monthly ‘blocks’. You may have some parts of the week that are focussed on strength work and other parts focussed on higher rep work or you may choose to have a month or two focussing on strength with a lower emphasis on hypertrophy and then other periods where you do the reverse.

Take the Captain America approach to your programming, be smart, and strategic and employ different aspects when needed to elicit the most growth.

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