Jake Paul Introduces His ‘Queen Of The Netherlands’ Girlfriend Jutta Leerdam To His World

Jutta Leerdam Jake Paul's girlfriend

Getty Image / Zheng Huansong / Xinhua

World champion speed skater Jutta Leerdam and boxer Jake Paul made their relationship public earlier this month. But in Jake Paul’s world there is still a lot of mystery that surrounds her.

Jake Paul wanted to formally introduce Jutta Leerdam to his millions of followers so he invited his girlfriend, who he describes as ‘The Queen of The Netherlands’, onto his YouTube show BS w/ Jake Paul.

Here is the happy couple boarding a PJ together and filming the latest episode of his show:

Despite having 2.39 million subscribers to that show’s channel, most of those millions of subscribers don’t have 46 spare minutes to devote to learning about who Jutta Leerdam is. Luckily for those who want the quick summary, we’ve got you covered.

The breakdown of that video is as such. Jumping to the time stamp in the video above will take you to the discussion on each of these talking points:

0:00 – Jake Paul introduces Jutta Leerdam as his girlfriend to his followers.
12:20 – Why she is the ‘QUEEEN of The Netherlands’
16:30 – When in life Jutta Leerdam knew that Speed Skating was her sport
19:20 – What dating as athletes is like
22:20 – Her biggest challenges and obstacles as an Olympic athlete
23:55 – Jutta’s loves and family life
27:15 – What is the fastest she’s ever skate, what is the hardest she’s ever crashed
29:30 – Jake introduces Derek to Jutta
31:30 – Why is Jake different on social media?
38:20 – Jutta Leerdam then teaches Jake Paul how to skate
43:00 – Jake Paul teaches Jutta Boxing
44:00 – OUTRO

Who is Jutta Leerdam, Jake Paul’s new girlfriend?

Jutta Leerdam is a world-champion speed skater from The Netherlands. Leerdam set a track record in the women’s 1000 meter at Heerenveen (NED) on December 28th where she won Gold at the 2023 KNSB Dutch Sprint Championships. She also won gold at the 2023 European Speed Skating Championships.

She stands 6’0″ tall, just an inch shy of Jake’s 6’1″ frame. Jutta turned pro in speed skating in 2018.

Jake Paul and Jutta Leerdam met via Instagram and their relationship took off after this past winter’s speed skating season wrapped up. Leerdam was in Miami to see fellow European athlete Alica Schmidt walk the runway for Boss.

After that, she headed off to Mexico for vacation but rumors began swirling she was dating Jake Paul after they were seen together at an event. They then announced their relationship at the start of April.

She has amassed over 4.2 million followers on Instagram and 416K on TikTok, making her the most popular person in the sport of speed skating.

Now you’re all caught up.