Man Who Allegedly Made Michael Jordan’s ‘Flu Game’ Pizza Comes Forward, Claims He’s A Huge Bulls Fan

michael jordan flu game pizza food poisoning


Michael Jordan’s infamous ‘flu game’ jumped back into the spotlight during the final episode of ‘The Last Dance‘ as Jordan himself debunked the narrative, claiming it was just food poisoning from a pizza he ordered in Salt Lake City and not the actual flu nor a hangover.

While we saw plenty of behind-the-scenes action from the ‘flu game’ and the entire 1998 NBA Finals series, the pizza itself stole the show in a way. Jordan confirmed that he was the only person that ate the pizza after he was basically forced to find his own dinner after his teammates basically forgot about him when they all ordered dinner earlier. The interesting thing about the pizza is that nobody knew exactly where it came from or who actually made the pizza, well, until now.

It’s easy to assume that the person who made the pizza intentionally messed with it so MJ would be off his game and the Jazz could steal a game at home, but apparently, that wasn’t the case at all, not even close.

The man who allegedly made the pizza came forward following the final episode of ‘The Last Dance.’ He is a local Utah man by the name of Craig Fite and he appeared on ‘The Big Show‘ where he not only denied doing something strange to Jordan’s pizza but also claimed that he’s actually a Bulls fan and even named his son after MJ.

It turns out that Jordan has good taste in late-night pizza as he apparently ordered a thin crust pie with pepperoni.

It’s impossible to pinpoint Jordan’s food poisoning to the pizza. He most definitely ate something earlier that day that could have made him sick or maybe he caught one of those infamous 24-hour bugs. However, the fact that Jordan was the only person that actually ate the pizza makes the pie suspect numero uno, that’s for sure.

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