Terry Bradshaw Breaks Down Why The Cleveland Browns Are Still So Terrible After Years Of Being Awful

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After snapping their winless streak in Week 1 of the 2018 NFL season with a TIE, the Cleveland Browns got back to their losing ways yesterday. Kicker Zane Gonzalez left 8-points on the board with missed kicks and the Cleveland Browns lost by only 3-points.

After the game, Zane Gonzalez told reporters “It’s on me 100 percent.” He let the team down, but he’s not responsible for the Cleveland Browns’ legendary winless streak. They haven’t won a game since December 24, 2016. 632 days without the Browns winning a game in the NFL.

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Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw knows what it takes for a team to crawl out of mediocrity and emerge as a respectable franchise. When the Pittsburgh Steelers signed him with the #1 overall pick in the 1970 NFL Draft the Steelers were the worst team in the NFL.

Terry Bradshaw gave his thoughts to Business Insider on why the Browns are still the Browns after all this time. They’ve had ONE winning season since 2002 (the 2007 season) and only two winning seasons since 1995. Here’s Hall of Fame QB Terry Bradshaw discussing why the Browns are so damn awful:

I’m a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, born and raised. I don’t have any family from Ohio. Zero reasons to root for the Cleveland Browns. Yet week after week I find myself rooting for the Browns to win. It’s like watching a helpless animal stuck in the mud out in the middle of a pond, so far that you can’t reach them. You want to see them crawl out and reclaim their dignity.

I keep thinking about a conversation I had about a year ago with a friend’s dad who is a lifelong Browns fan. He said his biggest pet peeve in life is when people hear him say he’s a Browns fan they go ‘ah, that’s unfortunate’ or ‘bummer’ or ‘that sucks’.

It’s instant pity. He’s used to being a Browns fan and has long-since adjusted his barometer for success. He doesn’t want or need the pity because it’s the team he’s chosen to root for.

And while I get where he’s coming from it’s not so much that people feel pity for him it’s that NFL fans, in general, are just tired of the Browns being so fucking awful. It bothers me to know that a team can stay shitty for so long. It makes me worry that it could happen to my team. It makes me worry that it could happen to my life, my country, everything.

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The Browns need a vision of where to go with the franchise. They probably need a new owner, and coach. But they’ve got the pieces in place and it seems like a win is coming in the very near future after flirting with W’s throughout the first two weeks of the NFL season.

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