Jimmy Butler Discovered His Love Of Country Music After Blasting It To Annoy His Teammates

Jimmy Butler Miami Heat

Getty Image / Megan Briggs

Houston-born Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler is a big Country Music fan. He loves Country Music so much he’s said in the past that he’s working on an album of his own.

During an appearance on the Alo Yoga podcast 7 months ago, Butler opened up about how he discovered his love of Country Music. That clip has started going viral (again?) after making its way to TikTok.

Butler’s journey to loving Country Music started when he attempted to troll his teammates. They were all listening to music in the locker room through their Beats headphones. Normal, right? Wrong.

Instead of listening to music with the headphones on, they’d hang them around their necks so everyone was forced to hear the music. Sadly, this is all too common during a subway commute.

So Jimmy Butler went home and Googled ‘what is the most Country song?’ What he found was Tim McGraw’s Don’t Take The Girl so he queued it up and started playing it in the locker room to make a point. What he also found was he actually really enjoyed Country Music and the rest was history.

Over on TikTok where the clip has started to go viral (again), people are calling Jimmy Butler a ‘National Treasure.’

Someone else wrote that Don’t Take The Girl immediately causes profuse sobbing. Another person commented “that song is fire” while another vowed to check it out.

Tim McGraw’s Don’t Take The Girl is, in fact, fire. But it might not even be in McGraw’s top 5 songs. He’s just a rainmaker when it comes to producing hits.