Wilson Chandler Of The Denver Nuggets Caught A 350-Pound Goliath Grouper And It Looks Like A Goddamn Dinosaur

Last Friday, while I was running around some overgrown field in Charleston, S.C. getting my ass light up with paintballs on a bachelor party Denver Nuggets’ forward Wilson Chandler was reeling in the fish of his lifetime. After a heated battle Chandler managed to get the 350-pound-plus Goliath Grouper (formerly known as Jewfish) to the boat for some photos before releasing it back into the wild. Goliath Grouper are protected as they were nearly fished to extinction at one point, so all of these fish must be released after they’re caught. The end result here is Goliath Grouper growing to GARGANTUAN sizes:




It’s not clear whether or not Wilson Chandler was fishing with the bros from BlacktipH but this tweet seems to suggest that’s what was happening:

If the name BlacktipH sounds familiar it’s because I’ve featured them many times here in the past, and they’ve been known to do some of the most action-packed shark fishing around.

(h/t ExtraMustard)

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