Winner Of Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight To Get Free Dances For Life (And More) From Swanky Strip Club

As if Floyd Mayweather needed any more motivation for beating Manny Pacquiao he now has it in the form of one of his favorite things: strippers.

Deja Vu Showgirls in Las Vegas is not only offering the winner of the big fight free couch dances for life, they’re also going to give the winner a few other wonderful perks as well.

We already have our bet on the winner (hint: we love our locals!), but to spice things up, we’d like to offer the winner free couch dances for life! That’s right — FREE COUCH DANCES FOR LIFE! That’s definitely better than your $250 million pay-day!!

On top of that, we’d like to share our $500,000 bottle of gold-plated Dom Perignon with the winner at the club for free.​ That’s a value of over a million dollars for life!!

But wait, there’s more! Much more. The winner also gets…

— 4 strippers lined-up who will tattoo the winner’s name on their bodies!
— a permanent drink creation named in the winner’s honor (Mayweather Mayhem or Pacquiao Punch-Out)!
— a topless foxy boxing match in the club in your honor (where you could fight too if you want)!
— a life-sized portrait of you with strippers at your feet displayed in the club lobby forever!

More Exclamation Points, Please!!


So is THIS why 50 Cent is putting $1.6 million on Mayweather? Because he knows how hard “Money” is going to go in order to lock up this epic prize? Can’t say that I blame him. No way Floyd isn’t going to be the more motivated fighter in this one now.

H/T FanSided