Story About A Winnipeg Jets Prospect Getting Arrested At Disney World For Allegedly Fighting A Cop Is So F’d Up



A minor league hockey player named Darren Kramer is in big trouble after the dude was arrested and tased for trying to fight a fucking police officer… at Disney World!

According to police reports retrieved by Deadspin, the Manitoba Moose player was trying to help a buddy of his known as “Corbin” get away with stealing some damn bowling pins from a restaurant, which caused quite the scene.

Per Deadspin:

According to the police report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the arresting officer made contact with a man who identified himself as “Corbin” and was carrying a large display flag and a few bowling pins. Corbin returned the flag to where he found it when asked to do so, but was later spotted arguing with Disney security about the bowling pins, which he claimed were given to him for bowling a high scoring game.

I advised him that he was to drop the items. As I made contact, he held two bowling pins in his right hand and one in his left. I observed his face lose all coloring and turn white, which I recognized a threat to my safety. At that time, it appeared to me that Corbin would attempt to strike me with the items. I then reached out and grabbed the pins and ordered him to place his hands behind his back. He then quickly turned to his right and stated a long “Noo.” Corbin then fled from me on foot running through the complex passed [sic] the Raglan Road Restaurant, on to the main walkway near the Lego Store where I finally lost sight of him near the bridge leading across the waterway.

Kramer, who was with “Corbin” after he was bumped by the officer, then told his buddy to “run! run!” as cops attempted to arrest the hockey player. The athlete resisted, causing the use of a taser to bring him down.

Kramer then violently pulled away from me, as I was maintaining control of the handcuff and his free left arm. Kramer pulled me off my feet and began to run. I was able to maintain control of the handcuff and pull him toward me. Kramer was then able to turn completely toward me and break the control I had of his handcuff. I then observed Kramer lower his right shoulder and raise his left arm as if he was preparing to strike me with a punch. Due to our close proximity I then reached out to Kramer and grabbed his shirt and attempted to pull him off balance. Kramer stepped forward and lowered his head, hitting me in the chest. This caused both of us to fall to the ground where Kramer ended up falling onto me. Kramer was able to stand up which allowed me to get to my feet and again grab his shirt. During this time I was ordering him verbally to stop and to lie on the ground. Kramer continued to fight me and again pulled backward. He was able to break the hold and spin to his right. I then observed Kramer turn his entire body to me and again raise his arm as if to strike me. I drew my department issued ECD Taser and yelled that I would Taze him. Kramer continued to come at me and I deployed the ECD, striking him in the upper right arm.

Kramer, who has been charged with battery of a law enforcement officer, grand theft, and resisting arrest without violence, might be known for scuffling in the hockey rink, but doing so at a place where dreams come true with a fucking cop isn’t the best time to pick a fight.

At least he took one for the team, because his buddy, Corbin, seems to have gotten away.

[H/T Deadspin]

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