Notre Dame Stadium Ran Out Of Beer Halfway Through The Winter Classic And Fans Were Not Having It

winter classic runs out of beer

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As someone who spent New Year’s Eve drinking alone in my apartment, I had no business being as hungover as I was when I woke up on Monday morning (in hindsight, doing a shot every time Ryan Seacrest introduced a musical act I’d never heard of was probably a bad idea).

Thankfully, the people responsible for entertaining the masses by scheduling athletic competitions on New Year’s Day were kind enough to give viewers a wide variety of options when it came to things to watch while regretting the decisions they made the night before.

There was no shortage of bowl games to choose from, but as a Boston Bruins fan, there was only one event I really cared about: the 2019 Winter Classic.

This year’s matchup with the Blackhawks featured two of the Original Six teams— complete with throwback uniforms— going at it during a game that had me on the edge of my seat as the Bruins eeked out a 4-2 win thanks to a couple of clutch power play goals that kept them in the game until they seized control at the end.

Oh, it also featured Notre Dame’s mascot wiping out on the rink which is one of those things in life that’s just objectively funny assuming no one breaks anything.

Temperatures were hovering around freezing over the course of the game, so it was only natural that fans would want to turn to an alcoholic beverage or four in order to keep warm.

Unfortunately, they hit a bit of a snag when they managed to drink the stadium dry —and exhaust its food supply— halfway through the contest (this may have had to do with the fact it was the second-largest crowd in NHL history).

People in attendance weren’t exactly thrilled (with at least person one severely underestimating how much Irish Catholics are capable of drinking).

I’d feel bad for the fans at the game if I hadn’t attended last year’s Pinstripe Bowl on the off-chance Boston College could be good at football for once on a night where frigid temperatures made the beer taps freeze and made me lose feeling in my feet for five hours.

At least the fans at the Winter Classic got the chance to drink the stadium dry and didn’t contract frostbite in the process.

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