Woman Tried To Use Her Food Tray To Catch A Foul Ball Last Night And Obviously Failed Horribly

Catching a foul ball is one of the finer aspects of baseball. People make a living out of it. Well, one guy has made a living out of it and summarily named himself Foul Ball Guy, but he also proves that it’s possible. That also being said, while foul balls are no guarantee, expensive food is. Like real expensive. Like $7 hot dogs expensive. So, when a foul ball’s coming your way, the assumption would be that you stick your food under your seat or something like that, protect that bad boy at all costs. Not lift it up and use it as a shield. Which is exactly what this random chick did last night.

You know what this calls for.

Well, Cotton, it played out poorly. Honestly, there was no way that lady was coming out of this one unscathed. If she caught the ball, the food was hitting the ground. If she just sat there and ate her food, she was getting a side order of laces to the face. The real loser here is the guy sitting next to her. Guy’s covered in nacho cheese and also missed an opportunity to catch a foul ball. Because there’s no way that anyone can pick that ball up except her. She’s got the pity acquisition locked up. If anyone else took that ball, they’d get booed all the way to the parking lot. You can’t steal a ball away from a sad, expensive food-covered woman, no matter how unfair it seems.

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