Devastated Woman Robbed Of $1 Million On Disgraceful Holding Call In CFL Game

by 8 months ago

Consider how incensed we all get at the refs when they make a shitty call detrimental to our team. It doesn’t even need to be a game of any consequence. There’s very little that makes a fan’s blood boil hotter than the injustice served by a zebra failing to do his fucking job.

Now imagine that a shitty call can actually change your life. Imagine a bogus call robbing you of financial freedom for the rest of your life. Then you’d know what it’s like to be Karen Kuldys of Winnipeg.

In last night’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers – Toronto Argonauts CFL game, Karen was chosen as Safeway’s Touchdown to Win contestant. If two kickoffs are returned for touchdowns in the same game, Karen wins a million dollars. Karen got off to a good start when the opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown. Then late in the 2nd quarter, former FAU running back Martese Jackson took one the distance, but it was called back on a despicable penalty.

The touchdown was called back, and Karen sat motionless in disbelief. Safeway HAD to be in the refs’ ears before the game making sure no one gets that million. That’s the only explanation for a call this egregious.

Empathy for Karen has flooded to Twitter, where the hashtag #WhatAboutKaren has gained steam.

Best of luck bouncing back from this rob job, Karen.

[h/t The Big Lead]

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