Prankster Photobombs World Champion Volleyball Team During Team Photo, Nobody Catches Him In The Pic

There’s only one slight degree of separation from a ‘prankster’ and a ‘bag of dicks’, and Rémi Gaillard is definitely one of those professional pranksters who toes that line so closely sometimes that many people in the world think he’s a giant bag of dicks. However, this is one of those situations where I think it’s safe to classify it as ‘no harm, no foul’. He hopped on the volleyball court, in replica uniform, to photobomb the World Champion Volleyball Team at the World Volleyball League 2015 competition.

I have still have trouble at times trying to wrap my mind around the fact that we live in a world where a man can have a successful career as a ‘prankster’. Rémi Gaillard’s amassed over 2 BILLION views on the web with his prank videos, and that’s just something I need to accept. I do have to admit that I prefer this type of pranking to the ones that are so ridiculous they result in someone getting knocked out on the beach. There’s no victim in his unique level of prankery, and at times I dig that.

If you’ve never seen this gem from him, do yourself a favor and watch his Mario Kart video:

[Rémi Gaillard]