World’s Best Hockey Announcer Ranks the Best Hair on the 2014 Minnesota All-Hockey Team

Here at BroBible, we’re passionate connoisseurs of flow of all shapes and sizes: Lax bro flow, hockey hair, face salad. It’s one of the distinct cosmetic qualities that embody Bro-hood.

You name it, we’ve seen it all over the years. Thus, we’re stoked that one of our favorite annual traditions has finally hit the Internet: YouTuber @Pulltabproductions11 ranking the All Hockey Hair Team 2014 at the 2014 Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament. I think I’ve posted his videos every year in the last four years. It’s become part of the DNA that defines us here at BroBible.

These midwest hockey Bros rock some of the crunchiest head lettuce we’ve ever seen. Like a farmer tending his field as a labor of love, it takes serious work to have well-kempt flow like this. Bravo, gents.

Is 2014 the year BroBible brings back the Lacrosse All-Flow team? 90 percent of lax is in the flow, right? Chay on.

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Do any old-time BroBible readers even get these jokes?

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