World’s Fastest 4-Cylinder Mitsubishi Evo Revs To 13,000 RPM’s And Hits 185MPH In 1/4-Mile

by 10 months ago
world's fastest Mitsubishi Evo

Extreme Tuners

I’ve never seen a car humming along at 13,000 RPMs until now. This clip of the world’s fastest Mitsubishi Evo shows a car with a 4-cylinder engine revving up to 13,000 RPMs while it breaks a world record. The world’s fastest Evo hits a record 185.34 MPH during a 7.902 quarter mile run.

I’ve included two videos here. The first video here is the record-breaking quarter mile run, and it’s insanely impressive. But, I prefer the second video because you get multiple views of this car in action and it really gives you a sense of how insanely fast this 4-cylinder Mitsubishi Evo is:

Here’s that second video I was talking about:



The world’s fastest Mitsubishi Evo has been tuned up by the team at ExtremeTuners. You can check out a ton of their work over on Facebook, or on their YouTube channel where are constantly posting videos of their tuned up cars. It’s a pretty badass YouTube channel for all you gear heads out there.

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