This High-Speed Go Kart Crash Is Something You’d Expect To See In A Video Game (And I Hope She Lived)

by 2 years ago

I know that we’re just dealing with Go Karts here but I can’t help and let my mind wander to the possibility that the chick who crashed might also be equally as dangerous behind the wheel of an automobile. All I can really say here is ‘God bless the rubber tire barriers’ because they might have saved her life:

I drive like a bat out of hell when I’m in a Go Kart, something that might happen once every 8 years or so. I’ve never been in a car accident caused by me (I once got T-Boned by an elderly woman who was trying to make a right turn across three lanes of traffic without looking). So I don’t want to make rash judgments that the chick who crashed her Go Kart in this clip is the worst driver of all time, but 1) we saw that insane crash and 2) this appears to have taken place in Russia, home to the absolute worst drivers on the planet.

[h/t r/videos]

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