People Are Calling This The ‘Worst Fight In Hockey History’ And You Know, It’s Hard To Argue

worst hockey fight ever Antoine Roussel Luke Schenn


About 90 seconds into the game between the Phoenix and Dallas Luke Schenn of the Coyotes and Antoine Roussel of the Stars decided to get some early season, and early game action going by dropping the gloves in what everyone expected to be another dramatic and potentially bloody hockey fight.

Instead, what the fans in attendance and those watching on TV ended up seeing was two guys engaged in, as the announcer called it, “the wildest wrestling match I’ve ever seen. It’s like a teeter-totter!”

Seriously, that is legit the best description one could have possibly come up for this disgrace of a hockey fight…

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By the time Schenn and Roussel were done rocking each other back and forth into exhaustion there had been a very unacceptable total of ZERO punches thrown.

Suck less, hockey.

Man… that was just embarrassing.

Remember the good old days of the NHL when two enforcers would drop the gloves and they’d even throw up a “Tale of the Tape” graphic on the screen?

Good times.

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