Wrestler’s Mom Has The Perfect Reaction To Arguably The Most Disappointing Moment Of His Career

Roman Reigns is probably still bitter about the main event of WrestleMania. For month, he was billed as “the guy” and the next in line for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Then, a strange combination of the fans not taking the bill of goods being sold and WWE getting cold feet about a Reigns title run and a new long term deal for Brock Lesnar led to, what many believe, was an amazing but last minute decision for a Seth Rollins Money In The Bank briefcase cash-in and title win.

There are different stories and accounts about what actually happened that day in San Jose. Some insiders claim Reigns didn’t find out about the Rollins angle until it was almost go time and others claim he was told weeks in advance. I’m finding that second rumor hard to believe, especially with this amazing GIF of Roman’s mom reaction when she heard Seth Rollins’s music hit at WrestleMania and realized her son absolutely wasn’t walking out of the arena with the gold.

Fyrus over at r/SquaredCircle summed up mom’s reaction the best with this comment — “Roman’s mom has got that ‘I’d like to speak to a manager’ look going on.” Exactly.

The poor woman traveled miles for her son’s big moment only to find out at the same time as every other WWE fan in the world that “nope, not today bro.”

I feel as bad for momma Reigns today as I did for Roman at WrestleMania. Believe that.

[via r/SquaredCircle]