A Wrestling Event In Cleveland Never Happened Because It Featured A Guy Who Calls Himself ‘The N*gga Taker’

The Nigga Taker

Black Sports Online

Michael Antoine McMahon is a “professional” wrestler who occasionally uses the “N*gga Taker” as his in-ring gimmick and planned to do so this past Sunday for the Cleveland Wrestling Alliance. But the poster for the event naturally went viral and the “N*gga Taker” — along with the event — was sent directly through the Spanish Annoucer’s table, as it was canceled for obvious reasons.

Here’s the aforementioned McMahon, who clearly missed his calling to play Vince McMahon’s illegitimate on-screen son in the WWE.

“It’s better to be talked about, than not at all.”

Apparently any news is good news, even when your name is the “N*gga Taker.”

To be honest, I have much more concern over the design of the poster for the event than I do with the controversial moniker. Look at this piece of shit.

The Nigga Taker

Of most concern, though, might be that 51-year-old Shane Douglas is headlining shows for the Cleveland Wrestling Alliance.

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