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Wrestling news for today includes the scheduled returns of Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan, the possible identity of Adam Rose’s bunny, a possible brewing feud for Bray Wyatt and the passing of a former WWE star.

But before we dive into the wrestling news and reactions for today, some sad news to report — former WCW and WWE star Sean O’Haire has passed away at the age of 43. Born Sean Haire, O’Haire trained at the WCW Power Plant before debuting alongside other newcomers Mark Jindrak, Mike Sanders, Chuck Palumbo, Shawn Stasiak, Reno and Johnny the Bull. O’Haire held the WCW tag title on three separate occasions.  O’Haire made the jump to WWE after WCW was purchased but never really caught on with fans and eventually left the company.

I was a fan of O’Haire, and especially the Natural Born Thrillers, during his initial WCW run. His physical size made his aerial moves even more impressive. Up until that point, the only real “big guy” I’d seen move the way O’Haire did around the ring was Scott Steiner. O’Haire is one of those classic “should have been somebody” cases in wrestling. Rest in peace, Sean.

Alright, onto some lighter wrestling news.


Dean Ambrose Back By Night of Champions?

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For those fans itching to see Dean Ambrose back on WWE TV, it’s going to be a little longer than expected — Ambrose isn’t scheduled to return to action until the Raw after Night of Champions.  Ambrose will most likely reintroduce himself into the Seth Rollins feud that now includes another former member of The Shield — Roman Reigns.

I know Ambrose is away shooting a movie, but that said, I’m glad he off WWE TV for two reasons — first, he’s selling a Curb Stomp through a pile of cinderblocks. If a human were to take that shot, he’d been in the hospital for months, or possibly dead. No one comes back from concrete to the head in one week and by no one I obviously mean “no one but John Cena.”

Second, less of Ambrose means less that creative can ruin his momentum. Ambrose being off camera is best for the “freshness” of his character.

Daniel Bryan Scheduled For Survivor Series Return?

The rumors of Daniel Bryan needing additional surgery have disappeared (for now) and it seems as though the WWE is finally setting a timetable for his return. is reporting that WWE officials are hoping to have Bryan back by November so that he can go at the Survivor Series PPV on November 23rd. WWE brass want’s Daniel Bryan back in the ring but also don’t want to rush his progress.

This is awesome wrestling news for fans of Bryan, or even those who don’t like him, because it’s obvious the main event scene is lacking without him. And if more Daniel Bryan means a little less Brie Bella, I’m all for it, especially with the Raw ratings on a slow decline.

Bray Wyatt Sets His Sights On Dolph Ziggler

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Now, we’re getting somewhere. Wrestling news website F4WOnline is reporting that a feud between Bray Wyatt and Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Intercontinental Title is currently in the works. The steel cage match between Wyatt and Chris Jericho on Monday night was seen by the company as the official end of the feud between the head of the Wyatt Family and Jericho.

Wyatt is currently not booked for Night of Champions but might interject himself in the Ziggler angle with The Miz before the show.

Awesome. Just awesome. Now, if both men can come out of this feud and catapulted into the main event scene, even better.

Possible Identity of Adam Rose’s Bunny

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Adam Rose is back on WWE TV, even though wrestling news last month said that the company had “soured” on the Rose character. Rose picked up the win over Titus O’Neill on Raw with some help from his Rosebud bunny buddy. If you missed it, the Bunny delivered a sick splash of the top rope on Titus.

There are rumors that the Bunny will be heavily involved in upcoming story lines and SPOILERS COMING — there are even rumblings about the eventual identity of the Bunny circling the web. If you want to know the proposed plan, click that link. I’m going to pretend I don’t know the Bunny’s possible identity and say this — making the Bunny a part of the storyline and changing up his identity every time wouldn’t be a bad idea. Make the man behind the bunny a former adversary of whoever Rose is feuding with at the time. Bunny could be big. I’m talking Gobbledy Gooker huge.

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