Wrexham Goalkeeper Shares Staggering Estimated Cost Of Team’s Celebratory Trip To Las Vegas

Wrexham celebrates promotion

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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney would be the first people to admit they didn’t really know what they were doing when they made the somewhat impulsive decision to purchase Wrexham A.F.C. for $3 million toward the end of 2020.

However, they wasted no time surrounding themselves with advisors and front-office executives who could help them achieve their goal of helping the Welsh soccer club escape the National League where it had wallowed for over a decade after getting relegated from the fourth tier of the United Kingdom’s Football League in 2008.

Those efforts were chronicled in the documentary series Welcome to Wrexham, and while it took a few years for the owners of the club to realize their vision, they were treated to a storybook ending after the team finished at the top of the table earlier this year to ensure it will be playing at a higher level next season.

Reynolds spared no expense while helping fans celebrate the massive win at a pub near The Racecourse Ground by reportedly dropping $50,000 on whiskey with a sticker price of $1,250 per bottle.

However, he and McElhenney didn’t stop there, as they rewarded the members of the team with a celebratory trip to Las Vegas where they got the chance to experience everything Sin City has to offer on their owners’ dime.

Based on what Wrexham goalkeeper Ben Foster had to say during a recent appearance on The Fellas podcast, the two men who bankrolled the getaway weren’t exactly on a budget, as he estimated they shelled out a very large sum when everything was said and done, saying:

“I went on the Vegas trip. It was hard work, mate, honestly. The way that Rob McElhenney and Ryan put it on for us—laid it on for us—was just like nothing I’ve ever seen.

“We got there and it was just straight to the shower, straight get changed, go to Hakkasan for dinner, and then we’re going to Hakkasan nightclub straight afterwards. All expenses paid.

Got to be £500,000, had to be at least half a million genuinely it had to be because they just looked after everything.”

That’s the equivalent of around $625,000, and while it’s certainly not a tiny number, it’s still a drop in the bucket for two men with a combined estimated net worth of $400 million.

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