Wright Thompson’s Video Essay On The Absence Of The Masters This Week Will Make You Feel Things

wright thompson the masters video

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The 2020 Masters was supposed to begin today. We were supposed to be sitting in our offices pretending to work while streaming the coverage on every single one of our electronic devices. We’d probably see the king of the first-round leaderboard Charley Hoffman card a 65 and think ‘maybe this is the year.’

Maybe you’re like me and opened your cabinet today and grabbed a Masters coffee mug, shed one tear and then thought about throwing it through your wall. That could’ve just been me though.

Nobody has the ability to form the sentences to really capture the emotions we’re all feeling as we’ve lost the Masters this April, unless you’re Wright Thompson.

Just because postponing the Masters was the right thing to do doesn’t make its absence easier. As Thompson so perfectly describes it, “the Masters, like a few other things, is a way we mark the passing of time and celebrate being alive.”

Nobody does video essays about the Masters like Wright Thompson.

Just as he explains, this too shall pass and we all must believe that we will all return to the life we left behind.

Here’s to hoping we get to see the Masters played on its newly scheduled November date because if we do that likely means that life we left behind, or some form of it, has returned.