You’ll Never Believe What This Captain Pulls Out Of A Marlin’s Stomach (Possibly NSFL)

It’s not exactly common to harvest marlin to eat, most marlin fisheries throughout the world only keep the fish when it dies after a long fight. For the most part all species of marlin are catch and release.

This fish however met its maker, and then when the captain went to filet this gargantuan fish they found something in its stomach that shocked the hell out of them. Warning: this is a little gooey, if you’re not into seeing a fish stomach then you’ll probably not want to watch this:

Most fisherman would be stoked as hell to catch a marlin, and just as many would be over the moon to catch a tuna that size. One thing of interest is this: when I showed this video to my coworkers the other day (Matt and David), they both asked whether or not that tuna would be edible. For the life of me I don’t have the answer to that. I’m sure there was a little decomposition going on but it also looks like that tuna was pretty fresh (it was the live bait they caught the marlin with), and it mustn’t have been in that marlin’s stomach for very long at all.

I guess the real question here is would you eat that tuna, not could you. Of course it’s edible, I just don’t know how tasty it would be because I’m not familiar with how a marlin’s stomach breaks down prey. If anyone knows the answer to this hit me up down below in the comments and let me know!