WWE Continues To Purposely Do Things To Piss Off Fans And Here’s The Latest Example

WWE The Authority


It’s shit like WWE, shit like this, that pisses fans off.

From PWInsider via Wrestling Inc.

Several talents were backstage at Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view including Chris Jericho and Nikolai Volkoff, who was mentioned by Triple H during a segment. Even though he wrestled on Sunday in North Carolina, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman was reportedly backstage as well but that could just be a rumor. WWE had 1 or 2 other names backstage at the Rumble in hopes of swerving the internet. WWE officials were hoping that some of the names they had no intentions of using would leak out as being backstage.

Bravo and go fuck yourself, WWE.

I’m not saying Jericho, an 80-year-old Russian, the guy who banged Chyna on purpose or any of the other wrestlers mentioned would have made the Rumble a four star match but two of those three guys are more entertaining that over half the names who stunk up the battle royal. I’d watch a 40-year-old X-Pac bronco buster over ballroom dancers or a “rapper” with a catchphrase that hasn’t been popular since ever.

What in the actual fuck is the point of all this? So you want to tease the appearance of wrestlers at a PPV just to swerve internet fans, increase the amount of eyeballs on the show, only to NOT DELIVER those names. That’s like the NFL promising a New England and Seattle Super Bowl only to have the Oakland Raiders sub in for one of the teams at the last minute. “The Patriots are here, but they sitting in the locker room playing WWE Immortals, GOT YA!” official Twitter account of Roger Goodell.

The WWE is waging a war with the people who want to see their product succeed. It’s a mind-numbingly bad business practice. It’s like the makers of Crocs poking a stick at the people who actually fucking wear their ugly shoes. The company is just being spiteful, purposely letting it leak online, and it’s shit like this that’s making fans cancel the network.

The internet isn’t going away and some people will always criticize the WWE product. People like me. But if you’re product is good enough my voice will get drowned out by the rest of the fans going “this isn’t so bad, so shut the hell up.”

Spend less time on pointless swerves and more time on product. It’s best for business.

[H/T: Wrestling Inc.]