WWE News: Ryback, Rob Van Dam leaving the company this week


Two major players in the WWE universe might be gone after this week with one wrestler leaving to address some lingering injuries and the other isn’t renewing his contract with the company.

Ryback announced on Twitter earlier today that he was taking some time off from the company. His tweet said “Going away for a while to get some stuff fixed. Have not been myself for quite some time. Ps sorry punk… #Ryback” and linked out to a photo. Oddly, the tweet has since been deleted along with every tweet in Ryback’s timeline. Perhaps Ryback spoke too soon about his time away but to delete every tweet seems incredibly strange.

Ryback has been teaming with Curt Axel since December 2013 under the team name of Rybaxel and didn’t appear on last night’s episode of Raw.

Rob Van Dam will wrestle his last match for the WWE at the Tuesday Smackdown taping in Ontario, California.Van Dam lost to Cesaro last night on Raw in a match that determined the #1 contender for Sheamus’ United States Championship.

This is RVD’s second run with the company. Van Dam got some heat in recent months for making comments about being “no help” to the younger talent in the WWE.

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