The WWE’s Production Crew Paid Tribute To The Undertaker In An Awesome Way After ‘Wrestlemania’

As a millennial ’90s kid, nothing makes me realize my age and own mortality more than The Undertaker’s final Wrestlemania match against Roman Reigns. Kids my age grew up in awe of his character, a morbid, menacing grim reaper in spandex. Watching him hang it up last night at 52 years old hurts the heart.

There were many tributes to The Undertaker across social media, but none were more classy than the one by the WWE’s production crew. The crew left his gloves, hat and jacket in the ring untouched while striking the Wrestlemania set at the Citrus Bowl, making for a wonderful visual of his legacy:

Thanks for the memories, Mark Calaway. You certainly deserve the happiest of retirements outside the company.

via The Chive:

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