5 Incredibly Important Reasons To Watch WWE ‘SmackDown’ This Week

Dolph Ziggler Neville


Extreme Rules is not for a few days, but the WWE has some SmackDown results that will satisfy your extreme rasslin’ cravings until then. After RAW was kind of a clusterfuck, tonight’s strong and streamlined card serves up something better than 420 leftovers — awesome bookings with enough time to do them justice.

Here’s why this B show should be your plan A this week.

Kane spits fire

Just as Kane was finding balls on Monday, he lost to Cena in a match that ended with near crying on his part. Tonight Kane redeems himself, putting Rollins in his place and booking one of the best main events SmackDown has had in a long time. There’s hope for this corporate demon.

Neville teams up with Ziggler

So many fans full of so many weed cookies spent RAW patiently waiting for the man that the WWE and gravity forgot. Tonight you finally get what you missed, when Neville joins Ziggler in his first tag match against Sheamus and Barrett, aka The Height Supremacists. My money is on Team Munchkin.

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Rusev’s Russian chain

Rusev is pregaming for his pay-per-view match against Cena by busting out a chain on Ryback. He’s not going to blow his Bulgarian wad completely, but warming up with The Big Guy is a good way to get us all ready for Extreme Rules. Spoiler alert: Ryback doesn’t eat the chain and I’m as upset about it as you are.

Cesaro and Kofi Kingston

It’s a New Day and we have new heels, all talented workers who have cornered the market on angry clapping. Even though they’re no Lucha Dragons, their match with Kidd and Cesaro slated for Sunday is exciting. Kofi Kingston and the King of Swing tease this tonight one-on-one, with plenty of interference from their cat and clap loving counterparts.

Reigns and Ambrose vs. Harper and Rollins

Fueling Ambrose’s feud with Harper and Rollins’ feud with the world, this tag team match is a Shield fan’s wet dream. Really, what could be better than the Hounds of Justice along with Harper as their creepy junkyard groundskeeper? With a main event like this, you’ll forget that you’re even watching SmackDown.

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