Here’s The Whole Story Behind That Yankees-Blue Jays Fan Fight From The Girl Who Filmed It

On Tuesday night, a Yankees fan got pummeled at the hands of a Blue Jays fan at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, while New York was in-town kicking off the first game of a three game series against their fierce divisional rival. Obviously, some tensions were running high.

A lot of you made comments that the “brawl” resembled a hockey fight – Canada, eh? – and even more of you were curious as to what the hell they were actually fighting over. Well wonder no more.

We spoke with the girl who filmed the video of the altercation, which a shit ton of you watched, and we got to the bottom of it all.

In the words of Izzy (@isabellewebber), here’s how that Yankees fan managed to get his ass kicked…

Well the entire game, Jays fans were pestering the one Yankees fan whenever he’d cheer for them. Then around the 8th inning, one Jays fan asked the Yankees fan who was pitching for the Yankees tomorrow and the Yankees fan didn’t know.

Then a bunch of fans around us started chirping the guy for not knowing and being a fake fan and such. Then, he started yelling at people and everyone was telling him to sit down and shut up. Then the guy in the Donaldson jersey called him a cocksucker and the Yankees fan went crazy. The security was there but not really helping the situation much.

Then a bunch of people started grabbing the Yankees fan to hold him back but the Donaldson fan went down to his row and they started swearing and yelling at each other. Then the guy in the plaid shirt and him started fighting. I believe the plaid shirt guy is friends with the Yankees fan or at least was defending him.

[After the fight] The Yankees fan got kicked out first and everyone sang “na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!”

The end 😅

So, yeah, two takeaways here: 1) much like I speculated last night, it sounds like that Yankees fan was your typical, typecast New York douchenozzle and 2) damn, Izzy must be a great girl to catch a ball game with. Chill AF.

No word on whether either party was charged in connection with the incident. Great that baseball is back, baby.