So This Yankees Fan Got His Face Completely Punched In At The Blue Jays Game

Nothing says “Baseball is BACK WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” like an instigating Yankees fan getting his ass kicked in foreign territory.

In the video below, the Yankees fan in the flannel shirt reportedly started some beef with the hometown Toronto Blue Jays fans, and the dude rocking the Josh Donaldson jersey took it upon himself to squash it.

And squash it, he did.

Hey, could you blame him? Those are field level seats, man. Cost a pretty penny. Fuck if I’m letting some Yankees fan ruin my hard earned, night at the park enjoyment.

Got that damn right, Toronto.

Admittedly, I can hate on the Yankees all I want, but they still did get the win at the Rogers Centre 3-2, thanks in part to Dellin Betances throwing pitches like this.

But hey, that Yankees fan still got his face punched in.

[H/t Barstool Sports via @isabellewebber]