Yankees Broadcaster Goes Off On Orioles Decision To Suspend Announcer

Baseballs for Yankees-Orioles game

Getty Image / Lachlan Cunningham

The Baltimore Orioles caught plenty of flack on Monday after news broke they suspended their announcer Kevin Brown for literally doing his job.

For the most part, the entire sports world couldn’t believe he was suspended for just talking about the team’s struggles against a divisional rival.

Now, the New York Yankees broadcaster, Michael Kay, let the Orioles have it.

According to Awful Announcing, Kay didn’t hold back whatsoever while discussing Kevin Brown’s situation. He goes as far as to call the Orioles franchise thin skinned, unreasonable, an insignificant.

Listen to Kay’s rant for yourself, as he truly goes off on Baltimore for a good two minutes.

It’s hard not to agree with him. I mean, I know the Yankees and Orioles are rivals and all, but Michael Kay is spot on.

Kevin Brown was pretty much suspended for doing his job. There really isn’t any other way to put it.

On top of that, the Yankees media team continued to blast the Orioles during their game against the White Sox. Here’s Jason Benetti, an announcer for New York, trolling Baltimore mid-game.

To make matters worse, the Orioles franchise has been silent since the news broke, which isn’t a great look either.

Maybe they’ll address the situation at some point, but the longer Baltimore stays silent, the worse it will get.

I also wouldn’t be shocked if Kevin Brown just came back to the announcer booth suddenly. We’ll see how it plays out though, as everyone is keeping tabs on the Orioles.