The Rivalry Continues: Yuppie Yankees Fan Gets A FULL Beer Thrown Directly In His Face By Red Sox Fan

Disclaimer: I’m a Red Sox fan.

RED SOX NATION STAND UP! Love this. I’m not naive to believe that the Boston fanbase doesn’t have some mouth-breathing scumbags, hell I’m one of them, but I’m always filled with an overwhelming sense of pride when I see justice being served in my team’s defense. Sure, this Boston couple may have cut me off in traffic at some point and the guy may have even fucked my ex-girlfriend (odds are favorable), but for that moment, when that 12-ounce Banquet beer sails into the fat face of a peacoat wearing Finance douchebag, we are one. They are me and I am them.

This jerkoff should know by now: you mess with the bull, you get the horns.

P.S. If the roles were reversed in this beer fight, I would argue that the Yankees fan was a pussy for having his chick throw the first beer. I have zero integrity.

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