Dropped The Ball: Yankees Fan Loses Ring In Botched Marriage Proposal In Front Of Millions

I could give you 100 reasons why proposing during a baseball game is a bad look, but this gentleman added one more reason. On Tuesday night, Andrew planned to propose to his girlfriend Heather, and just like the MLB’s worst fielder Eugenio Suarez, he dropped the ball and lost the ring.

In front of 35,161 at Yankee Stadium and the millions watching around the world, Andrew choked under the pressure. He somehow managed to lose the ring. Not exactly charming the pants out of Heather and definitely not showing what a responsible husband he’ll be in the future. Good-natured fellow Yankees fans joined the search party sweeping the section for the missing ring. Until finally the ring was found and she still said yes.

The man was asked what would have happened if he did not find the ring, and unfortunately, the Yankees fan missed his opportunity to say, “Well, there’s 27 rings laying around in Yankee Stadium that I could have used.”

Thank goodness that this man isn’t a Chicago Cubs fan because if he was he would have never found the ring.