Baseball Fans Are Having A Lot Of Fun Modifying The Yankees Sign Gerrit Cole Made When He Was 11

Fans Turn The Yankees Sign Gerrit Cole Made When He Was 11 Into A Meme

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When new Yankees starting pitcher Gerrit Cole was 11-years-old he attended Game 6 of the 2001 World Series and held up a sign that he had made which read “Yankee Fan Today Tomorrow Forever.”

Incredibly, there is even photographic proof that Cole did this in 2001. Even more amazingly, Cole still has the sign, which he brought to his introductory press conference in New York on Wednesday.

Cole said it has been a dream of his to play for the Yankees since he was a kid.

Numerous fans on social media, however, put forth and supported a conspiracy theory that because the sign’s lettering isn’t blue, that the Yankees fabricated a sign just for the story it would create.

Turns out that it was, in fact, the very same sign Cole brought to the World Series in 2001.

“I put it in my closet and then when I signed [my parents] came over for dinner,” Cole told YES Network. “Him and my mom came over for dinner to celebrate and he brought the sign with him. And I had it and I knew I just had to bring it to New York.”

More importantly, however, is the fact that in all of his excitement Cole didn’t take into account the fact that holding up a sign in photos would inevitably be transformed by legions of people on social media. Right, Mr. Trump?

Never change, internet. Never change.