‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ Here Are Daniel Bryan’s Greatest Moments In The WWE


Yesterday, bearded WWE Bro king Daniel Bryan shocked the world when he announced that he’s retiring from wrestling.  It’s news wrestling fans have dreaded hearing since he suffered serious concussion months ago.

To be completely honest, Daniel Bryan is the wrestler who solely rejuvenated my interest in the WWE a few years ago. My former roommate and I — a childhood friend from way back in the day — would crush beers after work on Monday night and scream his “Yes!” or “No!” chant along with the crowd. Or we’d pull it at bars while out with friends, just because. He’s one of the most positive, stand-up  celebrities in the game PLUS his beard game is enviable.

Last night I sat in a bar by myself in San Francisco and came close to tears watching his emotional goodbye to the WWE in his home town of Seattle. So let’s look back on some of his greatest moments in WWE history.



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