Young Baseball Fan Joins The Hallowed Halls Of Kids Who Ruin Their Dad’s Day By Throwing Back A Foul Ball

It must be nice having a dad who likes taking you places (hey dad, I hope you’re reading this!!). Not that my dad didn’t take me anywhere. I was like a celebrity at the local Athletic Club by the time I was in kindergarten. And really, I don’t blame him for only taking me to a few Yankee games when I was younger. Once, we went to the Yankee-Red Sox game and it got rained out after we sat there for two hours. Another time we tried to go to a game while a bunch of armed bank robbers were loose in the Bronx and it took us 2 hours to get from north Jersey to Yankee Stadium (which is usually a 25 minutes drive) only to have to sit in the bleachers between two groups of drunks who kept throwing things at each other. So I really do love watching dads take their kids to baseball games and living vicariously through their good times. Or, in the case of this dad whose kids threw the ball back, just times.

[mlbvideo id=”881260183″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

RIP this kid’s experiences going to live sporting events because his dad is D-O-N-E. Am I the only one who thinks that kid is too old to be pulling the old “I threw the ball back. Look how cute I am” routine? Yes, I give the kid the benefit of the doubt here. Dad didn’t catch the ball. He was given it by the ballboy. Maybe the kid wanted his dad to actually earn his affection. Sure, they’ll always look back at this and laugh. But, regardless, you know what would have been a better way to look back at this? By having a foul ball to show people.

[h/t SB Nation]

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