This Eight-Year-Old Brewers Fan Slugging A Coors Lite Tall Boy At The Ballpark Is Invited To My Birthday Party

by 3 years ago


Listen, I’m not going to jump on the outrage train on this one. My dad would let me taste his Budweiser when I was a little tike, and look how I turned out. Ok, maybe that was a bad example.

But the only difference, the important difference, between this dude and me was that I hated it. Couldn’t stomach the taste of it. Granted, I brush my teeth with beer now, but when I was eight, I couldn’t wrap my head around why my dad slugged a couple brews with dinner for fun. I chalked it up to him being a glutton for punishment. Little did I know, it was simply a survival tactic.

But this kid, this *animal, rocking a sleeveless Brewers shirt at a visiting ballpark tipping that can vertically is about 10 years away from being the coolest kid in his high school. An advanced breed. I should probably get that dude’s cell phone number when he’s old enough to get one because my current drug dealer’s been awfully shifty lately.

Please drink responsibly. 

[h/t Busted Coverage]

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