Youth Basketball Ref Who Fielded A Phone Call Midgame Is My Hero


This youth basketball referee is taking heat online for fielding a phone call while officiating a game. I say we should just pump the brakes here because I love the move.

I can guarantee whatever was going on in this call was much more important than some stupid kids’ hoops contest. You can tell by the lack of offensive execution and athleticism that these little Bros aren’t exactly catching the eye of John Calipari or anything. Hell, one of them — the big one — even trips over his own feet.

I used to work out at a YMCA that hosted youth games and the parents were absolutely brutal. Little Johnny was out there committing double dribbles on the ‘reg and they would lose their minds over a 50-50 block-charge call. And these kids were, like, eight. I felt awful for those poor zebras out there making $5 an hour to look the other way on lane violations and oversee games with shooting percentages below 20 percent.

Keep on doing you, ref. Some of us have your back.

[H/T: Sporting News]