Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Lays Into ‘D–ks’ Who Stole Her Purse While She Boogied At Daughter’s Wedding

Zach Lisa Wilson


Zach Wilson’s mom Lisa has made quite the name for herself over the past few months. She was trending across social media on draft night, went on an epic tirade about Disney and went after the New York media for “turning her life upside down.”

Although the New York Jets’ new franchise quarterback doesn’t love that the conversation continues around his mom, she doesn’t seem to have plans to stop.

Lisa’s instagram has amassed more than 26,000 followers and she uses it for a variety of reasons. She shares family moments, promotes her business, acts as an influencer with tips and tricks, and often goes off about something she is passionate about.

Wild wedding.

Her “appropriately inappropriate” profile often sees instagram stories of 20+ slides in length. Over the weekend, Lisa helped put on a wedding for her daughter.

In attendance, her instagram showed her WORKING on the dance floor.

She looks like a ton of fun, but the attention certainly has to be on her. Well, unfortunately, while everybody was watching her break it down, someone decided to swindle her purse.

A very angry Lisa took to her Instagram page a day later and called out the alleged thiefs.

“As much as I wanted to believe that the world is all good, there are apparently dicks out there,” she said on her story as she goes off on the person for stealing her purse at a wedding she provided. “Screw you.”

Whether Zach likes it or not, his mom is a content goldmine and a tremendous follow. Life according to Lisa is never boring.