Zach Wilson’s Mom Makes Instagram Page Private After Facing Backlash Over Social Media Posts

Zach Wilson mom Instagram


Zach Wilson’s mom quickly learned that having a large social media following is both a blessing and a curse.

Just a few weeks ago, Lisa Wilson became the star of the NFL draft when she made an appearance with her son Zach before he got drafted second overall to the NY Jets.

Lisa quickly amassed over 15,000 followers in a few days which led to NY radio host Craig Carton to ask Zach how he felt about his mom’s newfound fame.

Craig Carton: “Your mom has become the lead story, and I say that respectfully because people are like, ‘the star of the first round of the draft is Mrs. Wilson because she’s a very attractive woman.’”

“And I’m just wondering how awkward that is for you, that you just got picked second overall in the NFL draft, and the focus is, wow, his mom is really hot.”

Zach Wilson: ” Yeah, it’s not my favorite for sure. I like to keep her out of the spotlight. She’s an awesome lady and I love having her support.”

For the past few days, Lisa has been at the center of controversy after she called Disney employees “maskholes” for enforcing mask rules at the theme park and then going on a rant about Snapchat being for “whores.”

Initially, Lisa fought back at fans who criticized her and even called one person a “dick.” while responding to a DM.

Eventually, she decided to limit who sees her social media post and made her Instagram page private.

Making her IG page private is probably for the best considering things were trending in the wrong direction months before Zach was to take his first NFL snap.